House of your dream. Code name “Elm”


Problem of free living space is almost everywhere. And can’t agree more that it’s really a problem. Thousand s of people are struggling for life in a good conditions. Simple American dream – house, two cars and lovely family. We all deserve it! So why wouldn’t we start from a tiny house?

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5 tips for rookie campers


Traditional ways of travelling can be boring, especially if there’s no cool nature around the hotel or if you are tired of being a typical tourist. Anyway, here are 5 tips for campers.


  1. Good tent


I think it’s not a secret that if you want to camp somewhere – you need a tent or at least a whole RV. It should be made of material which doesn’t get wet and can stand against the wind. But if you really want to camp – take it seriously.

Don’t forget about the quantity of people and the climate of your destination point and how easy to place it.

  1. Tough backpack


Backpack is the second main thing you need to have. Try not to save on this. There are dozens of variants in sport shops, your  task – to choose the right one.

Take into account the capacity of your backpack, the stuff you need to put in and can it hold the large weight. And of course don’t forget about comfort. Remember, less is better.

  1. Sleeping bag


So if you manage to get those 2 things, then you need to have a sleeping bag. In addition – buy a mat to have one more layer between you and the ground. It will warm you during the nights.

  1. Lights


If you want to spend night outside, then you need to have the lights. But, if you are going to spend them near the campfire, you won’t need it, thought would be nice to have one just in case. It’s also a good way to keep your camp safe from the animals.

  1. Charging device


Though you will be far from civilization, you still need to have contact with it in case of emergency. Would be nice to have those chargers with built-in solar panel. This will help your battery to live longer.

Of course, if you a pro traveler you know all this, but if not – take into account. Have a nice trips!

5 ways to control high blood pressure without medication (Part 2)

Hypertension Blood Pressure Elevated Dangerous Level

As I told you before, this is the part 2 on 5 ways to control your blood pressure without medication. Here we go!

  1. Quit smoking


Each cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure for many minutes after you finish. Quitting smoking helps your blood pressure return to normal. People who quit smoking, regardless of age, have substantial increases in life expectancy.

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7 places where it’s cheap to start a new life

If your job doesn’t place you to one spot – there’s no difference in where to live. There are some paradises where tourism isn’t that developed and it’s easy to live there.

Avarua, Cook Islands


Technically, these islands are the part of New Zealand , but they are located 2008 km far from archipelago. Local beaches can be compared with one on Maldives and  Seychelles and you can rent the apartment for 130 $ per month.

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