Lethal and deadly ninja’s weapon


In Medieval Japan in during 15th century there were secret mercenaries who were used as spies and assassins – they were called ninjas and they used pretty interesting weapon. Let’s take a look on them closer.


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War and peace or micro homes.


We live in a world of wonderful ideas which sometimes can be a symbol of something good or may seem so. Thus, Dutch city of Leiden surprised us with a good project by Froscen Architects and its partner Simon George.


Four micro homes were mounted on the roof of a second-world-war concrete telephone bunker. Pretty interesting idea.

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Aikido – martial art for your soul and body.


It could happen that there was a period in your life when you’ve asked yourself “Why not to go into martial arts?” Pretty wise decision if we are talking about your mental and physical health.


There’s a huge variety of martial arts in the world with their own cultural aspects and specific philosophy, but the main essence of them is harmony of your mental and physical state. Thus, if you aren’t very impetuous person or you don’t like to be kicked all the time, then Aikido is you choice!

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What program to choose for music production?

studioIf you are fond of making “bzz-bzz”, “pff-chok” or etc. sounds with your hands or sticks, then you’ve already asked yourself “How to record all this to make a track?” It’s pretty possible that your idea will bring a new EDM hit! There are plenty of programs to do this and now I will try to tell you about them.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

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How much plays do I need to get 1 dollar?


Do I need this info?

Very important question if you decided to go into music production. Every day we hear a lot of new tracks with different sounds (nowadays it happens not that often) and pay for the most loved one. That’s the unstoppable cycle. But if you are an artist, what streaming service is better to use? Let’s find it out!

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