7 places where it’s cheap to start a new life

If your job doesn’t place you to one spot – there’s no difference in where to live. There are some paradises where tourism isn’t that developed and it’s easy to live there.

Avarua, Cook Islands


Technically, these islands are the part of New Zealand , but they are located 2008 km far from archipelago. Local beaches can be compared with one on Maldives and  Seychelles and you can rent the apartment for 130 $ per month.

Local people aren’t spoilt by the tourists. There are 100,000 tourists per year and that’s all.

You can do here whatever you like. Foreigners can’t buy the apartment here they can only rent it for 60 years. To become a citizen, you should get special permission from the authorities.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic


This beautiful town is located in Czech province – Bohemia. Whole town looks like a big Medieval castle. All the streets has paving-stone footing. You can find here different Renaissance fairs and rose fest. Dinner for two will be something about 20$ whole year and you can rent an apartment for 400$ per month. But for a comfortable life you should know Czech a little bit.

Koh Tonsay, Cambodia


It’s a small island on the South of Cambodia. True paradise made from jungles and beaches. There’s almost no population except of couple of fishing families, so it will be easy to rent a bungalow.

You can eat a lobster for 5 $  and any other seafood for 1-2 $. The only problem – wildlife.

Guanajuato, Mexico


It’s located right in the center of Mexico. You can rent the apartment for 150-200$ per month, beer will cost you sth about 1 $, and a ticket to the cinema – 3$.

Pearl Islands , Panama


They are situated 30 km to the West from Panama. The was a time when on this island pearl hunting took place, the pirates were hiding but now it’s a gorgeous resort for local people.

You can rent the apartment for 300$ per month. Beautiful place for being Robinson Crusoe.

Goa, India


That’s the place where you can see people riding on the elephants right on the beach. Bottle of wine will be near 0.5 $, haircut – 0.6$ and to rent a hut near the sea – 120$. Seriously, it’s like heaven.. It’s a good place to spend your life in.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


This cute place is located on the North of the country. It’s as beautiful as France and you won’t find any difference. Just imagine – 0.8$ for beer and the apartment will be something around 200$. Unfortunately, the infrastructure here is not that good.



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