Roasted pumpkin soup recipe


Halloween is coming and pumpkins will be everywhere! Spooky a little bit, so why not to overcome your fears and cook those bastards? So here it is – roasted pumpkin soup!

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Homemade “amber” jam


Strange name, isn’t it? But it’s possible to make. Of course not form the amber itself, but from zucchini. Why do you need that? Well, if you are single – it will be your skill – to cook, and if you are not – you can impress your soul mate. In any case – it’s cool. So, folks, let’s start? I think it will be a good post to read in the morning (at least in NY – morning for sure).

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How to cook jam from melon


We all love that sweet granny’s jam. It makes us think about childhood, so why not to make it by Yourself? Besides, I think that a true man should rely on himself, so he should know how to make even jam. Thus, You will need next stuff…


melon – (2.5 kg)

sugar – 5 cups (1.2 kg)

oil – 1 – 2 tsb

vinegar – 2/5 cup (100 ml) wine

cinnamon – 1 tsp powdered

vanilla – 1 pod

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