Sid Meirs’s Civilization 6. Thoughts


Civilization series have been one of the most famous one around the globe. It’s a well-known for its game mechanics and story. You are starting as leader of your nation, who’s ready to start a new empire through the ages.

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How to strengthen your immune system

I was ill during last week and I was really wonder why, because it’s my first illness since 2014. And as I was told, it caused by my weak immune system. Thus, I want to share with you some dope advices on how to strengthen the immune system especially during Autumn (hate it…Spring forever ;D ) and these not that warm days.


Autumn is a season, when your body says “hold on, mate! I will let the sore in” and you are trying to kick this trash out. Of course, it’s important to go into sport and have a normal rest but you should monitor your nutrition. During this period, human’s body absorbs all useful substances to be ready for a long winter nights (thanks Mr. Stark for “Winter is coming”). To make it clear, I will guide you through several steps.

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How to help a person with depression?


Pretty topical question especially nowadays (and every Autumn by the way). Life seems so awful, everything knocks you down, you are trying to fight it but you don’t know how. It may be not that hard to fight with it if we are talking about You, but it’s even harder to watch when your loved one is in such situation and it’s really hurts. We always trying to help, it’s a human  nature (it least should be). So how can we help a person with depression?

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