Did Michelangelo Start His Career as an Art Forger?



Was scrolling down some art news and found Hili Perlson’s article about Michelangelo. Pretty interesting one. So if you have some spare time, you can read it right here. I will leave a link on her profile.

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Centre Pompidou appears in China

Centre Pompidou appears in ChinaCollection show us the progress of French art from Fauvism in the early 20th century to the opening of the museum in 1977


The Centre Pompidou in Paris makes its long-awaited Chinese debut today with an exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center (Masterpieces from the Centre Pompidou 1906-1977, 7 October-January 15 2017).

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Aikido – martial art for your soul and body.


It could happen that there was a period in your life when you’ve asked yourself “Why not to go into martial arts?” Pretty wise decision if we are talking about your mental and physical health.


There’s a huge variety of martial arts in the world with their own cultural aspects and specific philosophy, but the main essence of them is harmony of your mental and physical state. Thus, if you aren’t very impetuous person or you don’t like to be kicked all the time, then Aikido is you choice!

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