6 Google hacks


We all need time and we don’\t want to spend it on useless stuff like long surfing in Internet. So here are some tricks with Google which will help you to find info faster.


  1. Can’t remember the 3rd word in the song’s name? Don’t worry, Google will do it for you! Just add “*” instead of forgotten word
  2. To get not only the result of your word but similar one – type “~” before phrase.
  3. Want to see Batman without Sups? Type “-” before every word which you want to exclude from the search .
  4. Need to translate from French to English? Just answer the Google’s question which pop-ups in the address bar
  5. If you don’t want to leave the history – choose incognito mode in Google Chrome.
  6. Google Drive is very useful when you need to sync some files or just to send the big one to your friend. To know more about “hot keys” – press the icon in the upper-right corner.


Those were pretty simple hacks though useful. Thanks folks and have a nice day!


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