5 Tips for Staying Safe Online From a Google Security Expert


We’re living in the age of the data breach. From Target to Home Depot, a growing number of companies have been targeted by hackers hoping to score customers’ personal data and credit card numbers.

Unfortunately for consumers, there’s little we can do to be sure the companies we’re shopping at are doing enough to prevent these kinds of incidents. However, we can take precautions to secure ourselves in case our personal information is ever stolen.

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How to strengthen your immune system

I was ill during last week and I was really wonder why, because it’s my first illness since 2014. And as I was told, it caused by my weak immune system. Thus, I want to share with you some dope advices on how to strengthen the immune system especially during Autumn (hate it…Spring forever ;D ) and these not that warm days.


Autumn is a season, when your body says “hold on, mate! I will let the sore in” and you are trying to kick this trash out. Of course, it’s important to go into sport and have a normal rest but you should monitor your nutrition. During this period, human’s body absorbs all useful substances to be ready for a long winter nights (thanks Mr. Stark for “Winter is coming”). To make it clear, I will guide you through several steps.

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