How to help a person with depression?


Pretty topical question especially nowadays (and every Autumn by the way). Life seems so awful, everything knocks you down, you are trying to fight it but you don’t know how. It may be not that hard to fight with it if we are talking about You, but it’s even harder to watch when your loved one is in such situation and it’s really hurts. We always trying to help, it’s a human  nature (it least should be). So how can we help a person with depression?

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Lack of creativity – go on a festival!


Have you ever had that frustration feeling when you trying to make a track? If yes, then I know what you feel, dear reader! You can sit for hours making those “bzz-bzz” lead sound or metal rolling bass then mixing it all together and sending them on a label. But how often do you think about the context of your tracks?


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