How to make brain-looking hat for Halloween


As we all know – Halloween is coming and we all are going to celebrate it somehow. I know it is hard to prepare the costume especially when you are working from 9 to 5 or you have a family. Remember, there’s always a way out. I was surfing the internet and found this interesting DIY. There will be almost no efforts and you will be looking like that cool white collar with boiling brains.

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What is “Gopnik”?


Really, here in NY you can find dozens of Russian people with their own communities and sometimes I was wondering what the hell are they talking about. Once I heard this word “gopnik” when one guy said it to another one and I was curious to find what is this. On of my friends from Poland linked me this video

Gosh! I didn’t expect that it will be so funny! That Russian accent combined with awesome story – really made my day. I don’t know why am I writing about it now, but you can check this video if you heard such word on the streets. I don’t want to know more about this topic thought it was very funny for me. At least I know more about this special ethnic group in NY or as we say hoodlums 😀


Besides, I saw couple of videos from his channel and I don’t know why but it makes me laugh even now. Look on that typical “Boris”. Gosh, my belly…hahaha