The fourth anniversary of Zedd’s “Clarity” album


On October 2, four years ago, one of the most famous and recognizable album in EDM’s recent history was released. It was one of the most beloved one and supported by Elie Goulding, Ryan Tedder.

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What program to choose for music production?

studioIf you are fond of making “bzz-bzz”, “pff-chok” or etc. sounds with your hands or sticks, then you’ve already asked yourself “How to record all this to make a track?” It’s pretty possible that your idea will bring a new EDM hit! There are plenty of programs to do this and now I will try to tell you about them.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

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Lack of creativity – go on a festival!


Have you ever had that frustration feeling when you trying to make a track? If yes, then I know what you feel, dear reader! You can sit for hours making those “bzz-bzz” lead sound or metal rolling bass then mixing it all together and sending them on a label. But how often do you think about the context of your tracks?


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How much plays do I need to get 1 dollar?


Do I need this info?

Very important question if you decided to go into music production. Every day we hear a lot of new tracks with different sounds (nowadays it happens not that often) and pay for the most loved one. That’s the unstoppable cycle. But if you are an artist, what streaming service is better to use? Let’s find it out!

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