Homemade “amber” jam


Strange name, isn’t it? But it’s possible to make. Of course not form the amber itself, but from zucchini. Why do you need that? Well, if you are single – it will be your skill – to cook, and if you are not – you can impress your soul mate. In any case – it’s cool. So, folks, let’s start? I think it will be a good post to read in the morning (at least in NY – morning for sure).




Zucchini – 1 kg

Sugar – 800-1000 gr

Orange – 2 pieces

Lemons – 1 piece




  1. Wash the zucchinis, peel ‘em, get all that seeds outside and dice it.
  2. Wash and dice oranges and lemon.
  3. Add the sugar and let it stay for 5 hours or for a night to let the juice come out.
  4. Put the container with zucchinis on fire, make it boil and cook for several minutes.
  5. Make it totally cool and cook again. Repeat it 2-3 times. After it’s done – put it in sterilized glass jar and close it.


So here is our jam. Dope granny-style recipe. Bon appetit!




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