Tiny house for camping

We all like comfort and adore it especially when you want to take one with you. Thus, Jessica Lynch with her husband Carson Lynch created a wooden guest-house on wheels with all handmade stuff inside.


Those who like camping can find it cool, especially when you are not alone or you have a big family.

It’s located on 5.5 acres of their land on Guemes Island, Washington — a small island community with a population of 650 full-time residents — the couple rents this tiny home for people looking to reconnect with nature, get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, or bust out the paint brushes.


From the outside – it looks cute but you will be wondering how comfortable it could be inside. It’s all a good combination of kitchen, living room, dining room, office area, and bathroom in one tiny house.


If you look up – you will see two lofts with a good mattress and a single couch right from the other side. Very nice spot to read up some books. Or, if you like fresh air – don’t hesitate – go outside!


There’s a grill place with chairs and a fire pit. Why not to spend a day outside, frying some marshmallow? All you need is here: fresh air, friends/family, place to live in and of course  – nature!

You can look on more photos of this tiny house below. Have a nice camping!










36 thoughts on “Tiny house for camping

  1. Tiny houses intrigue me; don’t know if I could do it year round. Love the idea of a cozy, short-term getaway, though! Thank you for the beautiful photos, Ed, and for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful.

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