How to strengthen your immune system

I was ill during last week and I was really wonder why, because it’s my first illness since 2014. And as I was told, it caused by my weak immune system. Thus, I want to share with you some dope advices on how to strengthen the immune system especially during Autumn (hate it…Spring forever ;D ) and these not that warm days.


Autumn is a season, when your body says “hold on, mate! I will let the sore in” and you are trying to kick this trash out. Of course, it’s important to go into sport and have a normal rest but you should monitor your nutrition. During this period, human’s body absorbs all useful substances to be ready for a long winter nights (thanks Mr. Stark for “Winter is coming”). To make it clear, I will guide you through several steps.


Step 1. Eat properly

Say “No” to fried products, eat boiled one. They have more useful substances inside. They can also be digested easily. Add more spices – garlic, pepper, ginger. Eat more fish, meat and dairy products because they have protein inside? Which helps your immune system to fight against different viruses.  Among this, don’t forget about carrot. red pepper, tomatoes. lemons, citrus fruits, nuts, apples, greenery, fish.


Step 2. Say no to diets

Don’t be so extreme. If you are overweight, go into sport or fitness and eat properly. It should be balanced ratio. Your body needs to have all the necessary vitamins and elements. That’s the basics.

Diet leads to insufficient amount of vitamins which makes you immune system very weak. By practicing diet you will leave your organism without vitamins, especially if it’s mono-diet.


Step 3. Eat products with big amount of zinc and selenium.

These elements are responsible for forming a strong immune system. You can find them in pulses, seeds, cereals, greenery, fish, nuts, garlic, seafood. Only 100 gr of fresh greenery can fulfill your daily norm of microelements. In case you have small amount of them, you can take some polyvitaminic complexes.


Step 4. Increase the amount of fresh vegetables, fruits and greenery

These tasty one have a lot of  anti-oxidizers. They help to fight against free radicals. And of course fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and microelements. They sat that if you have at least 500 gr of fresh fruits and vegetables daily then you will have all the necessary stuff.


Step 5. Don’t eat too much sugar. Coffee and alcohol

If you want to stay fit and healthy – you have to control these products. Scientists say that if you eat too much sugar you will decrease the strength of your immune system. Same goes for coffee. If you drink more than 5 cups, the reaction of your immune system on viruses decreases on 30%. As an alternative – you can drink green tea which is much better.

As for the alcohol, it blocks the production of antibodies and lymphocytes. The defense system restores only after whole day.


Step 6. Drink green tea

Green tea is not only a good alternative for coffee but is also very useful drink. Japanese are the biggest fans of it. It has some elements which help to strengthen the immune system. Green tea eliminates all the viruses and bacterias which can cause flu. If you are ill, you should drink 3-4 cups every day.


Step 7. Eat honey on an empty stomach

The healing powers of this product were known since ancient times. Magical power hides in a small spoon of it. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress effect and helps your immune system. There are different kinds of honey, so you a free to choose whatever you like. Honey helps when you have sore throat and cough.


Step 8. Purify your body

Purifying procedure helps to stimulate and strengthen  your immune system. When your body has a lot of “natural trash” your immune system spends a lot on their neutralization. Purifying helps with this. Start your day with a glass of water 30 mins before breakfast and drink more water during the day – 1.5-2 l per person.





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