Food for travelers


“Food” line is very important in your “stuff for travel” list and here are some basics which you will find useful during your trip.



This small stuff is very useful especially when you need to have something warm and fast. Though try not to overuse them or you will have problems with your stomach.

Dry meat


Everybody knows that meat is that kind of product which should be stored in a fridge and it could be very dangerous in hot weather. Thus, there’s a point to take some dry meat – it’s risk free and very convenient in trips. Note it if you didn’t.



Though you shouldn’t eat too much chocolate, but that sweet bars have a lot of energy inside and will be good snacks in your trip. Make sure that it will cold to store the bars.



Good stuff to take in a trip. Sweet, soft and tasty! Don’t forget to not to put it in a hot spot.



If you have a pot – make some pasta! Let your travel be with some Italian notes!



Basics. I think it shouldn’t be told that if you have bread you won’t starve.


Dry, sweet and fast snack which is cool to have when you are going somewhere.


So here’s the main list of food in my opinion. If you have something on your mind – share it and comment. Would be nice to hear your thoughts. Have a nice trip!



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