Interesting facts about basketball’s ball


Most of us love basketball and enjoy watching game broadcasts sitting in the couch. But, I want to go deeper and reveal you some interesting facts about an important item in this game – the ball. Let’s go!


Fact # 1. Official date of the ball’s creation is 1891 though Maya civilization used to play in some kind of basketball game of course without modern ball, but it has been the backbone.


Fact # 2. At first, standard soccer ball was used. Later the first true basketball ball was made. It wasn’t that round and was made from the leather pieces.


Fact # 3. According to the legend, modern balls have such color only because of that old leather balls. They were changing their color over time. It’s more like tradition to keep this kind of color.


Fact # 4. According to another theory, before 1950s there was a rule that ball should be brown. It was hard for spectators to follow the ball and once, one rebellious coach Paul Hinkle decided to break the tradition and ordered an orange ball for his team.


Fact # 5. The first company which produced the ball for the games was Spalding. Since that time, it’s an official ball provider for national basketball association.


Fact # 6. NBA made a new ball from synthetic materials but after a while, players asked to return classical leather ball back.


Fact # 7. You can see some fosses on the ball. If you count them – the number will be near 35 thousands.




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