Sid Meirs’s Civilization 6. Thoughts


Civilization series have been one of the most famous one around the globe. It’s a well-known for its game mechanics and story. You are starting as leader of your nation, who’s ready to start a new empire through the ages.


The main targets are – develop your own empire, science, army, social life and many other aspects. Imagine yourself as a king or a president. And you can be so in this game.


If you are a great fan of history – you can deepen your knowledge about history or famous people alongside with a cool gaming process which can help you to remember this all and spend an hour or two relaxing and changing your role from a white collar to a wise emperor.


The main feature of this part of the game is that you can deal with the territories outside the city. Now you can’t use that old tactics – hire some workers so they will manage the land in auto mode. In Civilization 6 they have only 3 action points and after this they will disappear, so now you should think more before act.


For example, you can’t place theatre in a district with hospitals or you will have a situation when you want to place the Great Pyramids, but you don’t have place for them or your territory doesn’t have sand to place it in.


Also, you can combine up to 3 units so you will have an army like in previous parts and that’s cool! In Civilization 6 you should care about your landing and army and it will be hard to do it, because the social and economic policy level is much harder.


To stand against the barbarians or other army you should build a real wall from soldiers but it will knock your economy down, so  you shouldn’t forget about diplomacy too. Gosh, there are so many details to inspect!


I’m in love with this game for sure. I started to play it since 3rd part, though I don’t play a lot, but I like to spend and hour on developing my empire (for example now it’s Japan). So I recommend you  to play it! Have a nice day, folks!



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