How to help a person with depression?


Pretty topical question especially nowadays (and every Autumn by the way). Life seems so awful, everything knocks you down, you are trying to fight it but you don’t know how. It may be not that hard to fight with it if we are talking about You, but it’s even harder to watch when your loved one is in such situation and it’s really hurts. We always trying to help, it’s a human  nature (it least should be). So how can we help a person with depression?

Be an ally


When someone goes deep into the depression he always chooses a defense position. So don’t even try to blame him/her. You should understand, cheer up the person and trust him/her. Don’t try to do something like this: “Wake up, wuss! Why are you still in bed?”. Instead of it try to ask: “Is it hard for you to get up because you don’t understand why(or any question) you should do it? I understand you, I had the same stuff.”


Those who are suffering from depression has a distorted view on life. If you think that this is a small thing, for the ill person it’s an insoluble problem. Useless to say: “It’s a small thing, don’t be so upset” etc. try to insure him that this is really small problem but try not to make it quick.


Depression can male person to think that he’s alone and against the whole world, try to repeat more and more “I’m with you and I don’t want to hurt you.”


Believe the person. Sometimes it’s the best answer on how to help him/her. When he/she can’t believe in oneself, the faith in this person can make miracles.

Inspire reliance


People who are suffering from depression think that they are not worthy to be loved. Try to repeat that they do worthy with detailed explanations.


The person can’t see its own positive qualities. Remind about them.


It’s really important to say at least one time “If you need me, I will be here.”

Give your understanding and sympathy


Depressed person spends a lot of time on fake soul searching, don’t help them in that, just sympathize a little bit.

How to help the person without asking him about what help does he need?


Just propose a small help in solving some domestic. There’s a high chance that the person won’t refuse and you will give a nice support.

Be serious


Depression is a disease so one cinema-tour or a gig won’t solve the problem. And let him/her know that you have your own life too, in case that you don’t have much time on this, it should stimulate the person to make steps forward.

May all your beloved one will be in a good mood!



8 thoughts on “How to help a person with depression?

  1. Its a very important subject handled properly and all the stuff given as advise and caution are wonderful and splendid.
    The images match perfectly to the post subject.
    I recommend this post to be read by all, especially the youth and their parents.
    Fond Regards,

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