Aikido – martial art for your soul and body


We are continuing to talk about Aikido and now I want to tell you about main attacks. As I said before, Aikido techniques are mostly a defense against an attack, so you should know how to deliver various types of attacks to be able to practice Aikido with a partner.


Many of strikes are looking similar to swords cuts. It means that the origin of technique lies in samurais’ time where sword was essential part of every warrior. Thought there are strikes and cuts, there’s not so much kicks and it’s caused by history – they were uncommon during the types of combat prevalent in feudal Japan.


Here are some basics strikes:

Front-of-the-head strike – a vertical knifehand strike to the head.


Side-of-the-head strike – a diagonal knifehand strike to the side of the head or neck.


Chest thrust – a punch to the torso.


Face thrust – a punch to the face.


In the beginning, you will learn techniques from grabs and only after that – from strikes. Some grabs are historically derived from being held while trying to draw a weapon.

Here are some examples of the basic grabs:

Single-hand grab – one hand grabs one wrist.


Both-hands grab –  both hands grab one wrist.

Both-hands grab – both hands grab both wrists.

Shoulder grab – a shoulder grab


Chest grab – grabbing the clothing of the chest.


As you see, there’s not so much attacks to defend from. If you are a thai-boxer for example, it will be easy for you to strike the opponent with your legs, but I suppose it won’t be so easy. This makes Aikido not that popular but we’ve already talked about it. If you are looking for more history of Aikido – then you can read this article or follow this link to know more about main principles.



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