The fourth anniversary of Zedd’s “Clarity” album


On October 2, four years ago, one of the most famous and recognizable album in EDM’s recent history was released. It was one of the most beloved one and supported by Elie Goulding, Ryan Tedder.


The most recognizable one is the single “Clarity” with beautiful vocals form British singer Foxes who said that she had to look up Zedd on Wikipedia before agreeing to collaborate on the song. It happens especially when you are not that famous.


Porter Robinson, Matthew Koma and Skylar Grey helped this track to be in “iTunes Single of the Week” and then as a part of an album on Interscope Records. This track was at # 11 on the Billboard US Dance/Electronic Album chart and even received a Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording of the year.


I guess you remember those days when this track was on the airwaves and within live sets for several years (and this is without remixes). I remember when most of the DJs used this songs along with “Spectrum” and this combo was awesome.


You could here it in the cars, coffee shops or even in passers’ headphones. “Clarity” was an international sensation, giving Zedd on of the coolest boost ever in his career. If you revisit that album (on ITunes for example) again I’m pretty sure that it will make your day!  That’s the way to increase your creativity too, so if you wanna find more – read this article.



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