Food waste. The new way to help desperate families!


Oh that strange Island. Brexit, new Prime minister and now – food waste supermarket in Pudsey, near Leeds.. Those guys  know how to attract an attention.


Food waste campaigners from the Real Junk Food Project have opened “the warehouse”, a store on the Grangefield Industrial Estate. Customers are invited to shop for food thrown out by supermarkets and other businesses.


The food is priced on a “pay as you feel” basis and has already helped desperate families struggling to feed their children.


As one of the customers – Kirsty Rhodes told – “The warehouse has absolutely been our lifeline over the past month or so.” She was recently diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, leaving her husband with no choice but to leave work to take over most of the care of the couple’s three children. Overnight the couple’s household income was reduced to almost nothing.


This market helped to buy fresh pasta, juice and even mil for their baby. Kirsty has plans to run a workshop to teach people how to make jam after she used fruit from the warehouse to make her own.


The founder of the Real junk Food Project told that he has a plan to open a warehouse selling surplus produce in every city in the UK. In the beginning, the idea was to sell produce in Real Junk Food Project cafes.


Guys are planning to start in Sheffield and Bradford and after this in every city, providing people with food as well as Fuel for School. The last one is the work of a group of food activists from The Real Junk Food Project who deliver surplus bread, fruit, vegetables and dairy products from supermarkets to schools, where it is used to feed hungry schoolchildren.


If we’re talking about statistics, this food is used to feed 12,000 children a week.


This project is also working to expand its “pay as you feel” café movement. It’s also possible to pay for their meal in money, time and skills. Though they are still lack of people.


This system isn’t new but I wonder are there any possibilities to make something like this here, in NY? What do you think about it?


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