First view on Amanda Levete’s MAAT museum in Lisbon.


Couple of days ago the new photos of Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology museum in Lisbon were released. This project, created by Amanda Levete – British architect, is set to open 5 October 2016 along with the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.


As planned, this building should become a first part of a new contemporary art gallery designed by Amanda and her London-based firm – AL_A which first showed their project in 2011.


The museum located on the bank of the River Tagus in Lisbon’s Belém district, the arching structure is designed as a continuation of the promenade. Its gently humped form is covered in 15,000 glazed tiles and is designed to allow visitors to walk over the roof.


Amanda tries to connect together the site, the waterfront and the heart of the city by creating such curved shape of the building. The waterfront is essential to the project because the design reflects it. Overhanging roof creates welcome shade and is used to bounce sunlight off the water into the main gallery – one of the four main exhibition spaces.


The project was commissioned by not-for-profit organisation EDP Foundation as the centrepiece of a 3.8-hectare waterside art campus that includes the recently renovated Central Tejo power station.


Phase two is set to complete in March 2017 with the opening of four galleries, a restaurant and additional public spaces.


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