War and peace or micro homes.


We live in a world of wonderful ideas which sometimes can be a symbol of something good or may seem so. Thus, Dutch city of Leiden surprised us with a good project by Froscen Architects and its partner Simon George.


Four micro homes were mounted on the roof of a second-world-war concrete telephone bunker. Pretty interesting idea.


Let’s take a look on those houses closer. Each one has a plan of 38 square meters, but with a double bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom.


As George said, this bunker looks like a rock surrounded by the modern jungle – a perfect place to build on. Company aims to promote tiny houses in the Netherlands by building an example like this one.


More of this, they want to increase the social role of this bunker, by making it one of the main sightseen of the city and increase the awareness about those old awful days to prevent them in the future. Pretty noble aim, if we look at modern conflicts.


The history of the bunker dates back right to the second world war, when Hitler gave an order to build an Atlantic Wall – coastal defense line in the mid 1940s.


The structure is hidden behind a false façade of brick and overgrown ivy, though architect say that these levels will be removed to make them pretty.


The houses feature mono-pitched roofs that angle down towards the centrepoint of the complex and balconies overlooking the street.


On the ground level of each house there are living space and kitchen and even a room for a dining table. If you going up, you will see a big room to house a sitting area, double bed, built-in wardrobe and a bathroom.


As planned, they’ll be built from wood, being a contrast to a concrete walls of the bunker which will help to make it bright.


The thick of the walls is going to be 30 cm to provide a better insulation and lower heating costs. Thanks to such materials, the house will be naturally cooled by the flow of cold air through the bunker below.


Besides, there you can find rainwater collector, solar panels, LED lightning and dry toilets.


It was all designed with a maximum of compactness by using every meter. Froscen Architects is hoping to build the project and is currently in discussion with the city council.


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