What program to choose for music production?

studioIf you are fond of making “bzz-bzz”, “pff-chok” or etc. sounds with your hands or sticks, then you’ve already asked yourself “How to record all this to make a track?” It’s pretty possible that your idea will bring a new EDM hit! There are plenty of programs to do this and now I will try to tell you about them.

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That’s almost one of the most popular free programs for music production. It contains of two parts: music sequencer for recording sounds from instruments or keyboard and modular synthesizer.


SunVox has a variety of FXs, supports import/export in different formats (incl. WAV, MOD, XM). Compatible with MIDI standard and keyboard synth. SunVox’s interface is pretty weird but simple at the same time. User can add some plug-ins with SunSynth format.



This DAW is possible to find in almost every PC in professional studios. Here you can find all for production a dope track. Cubase is a multi-track audio editor with the help of which you can manage audio- and MIDI- tracks, notes and it supports most of the plug-ins.


This helps to extend its potential. You can choose different real or electronic sounds for your notes which were written with the help of MIDI-keyboard or synthesizer. You can easily record in real time a sound from your guitar, violin or even your voice.



FL Studio

Fruity Loops Studio – DAW which was created special for music production at home. The name of the program is an Easter egg to “Hackers” where the main character was Fruity Loop. Thanks to its interface the program is very simple for a rookie guy. But it doesn’t mean that there are no potential at all. FL Studio is reach on plug-ins and FXs with dozens of presets.


It has variety of patterns with piano roll and a step sequencer.  After editing, you can put all the patterns to the playlist and mix them together. The main features are independent mixer channels with their own sound options.



This program is for those who want it all. As developers say, MadTracker is the easiest way from idea to a full track. They ensure that using all of the FXs, VST, ASIO doesn’t overload your CPU. There are couple of samples for rookie producers. And those who knows how to mix and master the tracks can note the mixer which provides you with an easy access to all VST plug-ins or built-in FXs.



Pretty simple app for music production and DJ-sets. There’s a combination of good potential with variety of instruments and a comfortable interface.


Usable even for those who doesn’t have an experience in using this kind of apps, because there’s a manual to each instrument. So you won’t find it difficult to use.


To create the sound you can either synth it or sample. Here you can also find mixer, sequencer, drum-machine. Among this there are good  FXs and filters.


MAGIX Music Maker

Featured with a good set of loops, it will help you to create drum sequence in a short time.


It contains a solid set of instruments and FXs. You can plug-in your guitar or piano. Those who add vocal to their tracks can easily edit it with built-in Vocal Tune. It’s possible to convert the track into MP3 format or send it directly on SoundCloud, Facebook or YouTube.

Presonus Studio One Pro

The developers managed to create a mixed space for recording, editing and mastering the sound.


Dope program for writing songs especially if you are rookie artist. There’s a built-in Drag&Drop technology which helps you to edit almost all fragments, loops, FXs and plug-ins.


It supports VST, VST3, ReWire, AU formats. Main feature – you can Redo all your steps. Absolutely all. For an optimal sound you can switch between 32 and 54 bit structure.

Tractor PRO

You can make a track with this program but it developed mostly for DJs and their sets.


It provides user with 4 DJ-mixers , FXs, tempo sync, delay and all other stuff to create a good set.


Mixcraft developed special for recording and editing the sound which can transform your PC into a professional studio.


There are more than 6000 loops for different genres – form jazz to dubstep, more than 20 cool FXs, dozens of instruments. App provides you with MIDI-tracks abd nice mixer. You can import/export your track in MP3, MIDI, OGG, WAV, AIFF.


If you are not satisfied with built-in library, you can download more and import it to your DAW.


It’s not actually a DAW it’s kind of an advance note editor. Users can type notes for different instruments and then combine them together. Among the realistic sound of different instruments, Sibelius provides you with the exclusive recordings of symphonic orchestra. You can also use “hot keys” to make your production faster.


Cakewalk Sonar

Really powerful stuff which you can find in many pro studios. With its help you can create a full track from the first chord to mastering. You can plug-in both real instruments and built-in. Can be used on 2 and more monitors with multi-sense.


Cakewalk Sonar is one of the best DAWs for vocal editing thanks to V-vocal technology.


MixMeister Studio

Cool-made product for podcast recording, radio show or DJ-sets with possibility to support 8 sources of sound. The interface looks like a DJ mixer with all additional instruments – automatic BPM set. ProEQ, loops editor, audio filter and etc. User can plug-in some VST FXs.



Quite nice app for production contains of sequencer, synthesizer, FX bank, note editor and a huge amount of samples. The interface is simple without any useless stuff. Unfortunately, MuLab allows to connect only specific VST-plug-ins and won’t be suitable for mastering.


ACID Music Studio

Professional DAW from Sony division which is mostly used for remixes or mastering. There are all stuff on-board – more than 1000 loops, MIDI-track filters and a bank of FXs. The main feature – it supports an unlimited amount of tracks. The interface is a little bit similar to SoundForge. You can easily extend the functions by adding new VSTs.


Ableton Live

One of the most popular and professional DAW which fights with FL Studio and Cubase for being the coolest one. I think that it will be enough to say that Ableton is used by Armin van Buuren. Drum-machine, synthesizer, samplers, multi-track mode, dozens of FXs and it’s all already in it. Frequently used with analog instruments – MIDI-controllers or mixers. You can add more functions by connecting some plug-ins. Though it’s really cool, the price is really high (500 $ for standard version).


As you see, there’s a huge variety of DAWs. It’s up to you to decide which one will suite you more, but pay attention to your PC also. If you’ve tried them and you don’t have an inspiration for your production, then read this article to motivate yourself. Have a nice day and may the Muse be with you!


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