Invisible Barn

New York is reach on some dope projects with its own beauty. Thus, in Socrates Sculpture park, designers from STPMJ developed a unique glass-made barn. It can’t be seen in the woods. It seems like mirage in this landscape.


Wooden frame is sheeted with reflective film except door and windows, which helps to hide the barn from the views. This makes them up in the air. The best time for spectating – at night, because only then you can see the magic of this ghost-house.


Barn is a folly that loses its man-made architectural presence in nature but adds novel experience and interaction to the users.


Invisible Barn is placed in the core of the grove which lies on the passageway of the park. It surrounded by the trees placed on equal distance from each other which helps to support the invisibility.


The visual illusion that blurs the perceptual boundary between the folly and the surrounding,  helps the folly to be disappeared.


The barn looks like skinny parallelogram. This sharp shape on the edge and specific angles create a visual trick of levitating windows and doors. It plays its own role too.


With ones help the spectator can see the real and reflected site thus our brain creates a bend reality and we can’t see the barn until we move closer.


Other interesting fact is that this reflective film is aluminized and has more than 90% of UV reflectivity in the range of 200-400 nm wavelength. It helps birds to see the structure while human can’t see it properly.


As people move closer or around the park, they recognize a space within the groove that reflects. Hope to see more and more projects like this one! Check more photos below.








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