Lack of creativity – go on a festival!


Have you ever had that frustration feeling when you trying to make a track? If yes, then I know what you feel, dear reader! You can sit for hours making those “bzz-bzz” lead sound or metal rolling bass then mixing it all together and sending them on a label. But how often do you think about the context of your tracks?


“What do you mean?” you can ask.  I’m trying to ask you what was the last time you’ve spent on a festival of your favorite music? Or watching the dj’s performances  on YouTube? Or simply clubbing?


Probably you know that kind of situations when you compose music without no reason or planning: “Why am I doing this?” Confess in it, it’s not a shame. It’s good when you saw some cool tutorial kind of “How to create Gareth Emery’s bass”. But if we a talking about commercial tracks – that’s another story.


So to keep your eyes open go on a festival of your favorite music. Search for the date and rock it! During the venue try to analyze why this track is following another. For example, no one will play hit or a new track at the beginning or at the end of the fest. Knowing all this try to concentrate on your goals:


  • Why do I want to make epic track
  • Where it’s gonna be played?
  • Should it be common one or like a drop during the set.
  • How much time should I spend on this?


The last question is the most important one, because you can’t rewind time. So be creative, epic and remember: Work hard – play hard!



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