How much plays do I need to get 1 dollar?


Do I need this info?

Very important question if you decided to go into music production. Every day we hear a lot of new tracks with different sounds (nowadays it happens not that often) and pay for the most loved one. That’s the unstoppable cycle. But if you are an artist, what streaming service is better to use? Let’s find it out!


The ongoing battle between them has become more complicated as time goes on. They struggle to be on the top with new design, benefits and features. As a listener – it’s not that important for you, but as an artist – you should know the system.


This Saturday, Demo Drop released an image on their Twitter account with 11 most popular streaming services and the amount of plays you need to earn 1 dollar. At the bottom of list is YouTube requiring artists 776 views before they see a dollar. Next tier goes to Soundcloud with 766 plays.

Computer keyboard with music key

Higher in that list are Apple Music and Google Play with 196 and 189 plays, respectively. And at the top is Slacker with 163 plays.



You can take a look at the graphic below.cskxim4uaaaujgu

Very helpful information especially if you take your music career seriously. Work hard – play hard! That’s the moto! Good luck with your production and promotion!





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